Greg-SquaredWelcome to FixIt Brooklyn. My name is Greg Squared and I am a Brooklyn Handyman providing excellent, efficient and detail-oriented service to people in need of handyman work around the house or small business in Brooklyn. I’m available as needed for fixing, repairing, painting, installation and cleaning.

I primarily work in the central Brooklyn neighborhoods of Prospect Heights and Park Slope. But I’m also available to work in the adjacent neighborhoods of Windsor Terrace, Lefferts Gardens, Carroll Gardens, Boreum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Crown Heights, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, as well as Queens and Manhattan.


Here’s a list of the type of work I often find myself doing. Feel free to ask me if I can do work that isn’t on this list.

* handles
* knobs
* dings and dents
* scratches
* front doors
* sliding doors
* french doors
* shower doors
* door knobs
* window glass & screens

* custom bookcases
* custom cabinets
* radiator cover

* blinds and shades
* coat hooks
* coat racks
* closet racks
* ceiling fans
* air conditioners
* weather stripping
* light fixtures
* locks
* smoke detectors
* shelves

Assembly (IKEA my specialty)
* furniture
* bicycles
* toys

* light fixtures
* lamp switches
* dimmer switches
* appliance repair
* lighting upgrades

* installation & hookup
* training
* troubleshooting

* for top-quality painting and plastering services, please go to: brooklynpainted.com

* basement
* backyard
* attic
* kitchen
* bathroom

Rate & Terms


For jobs of one hour or less, I charge a flat fee of $100. For jobs that take over an hour, my rate is $75/hr. My rate for an eight hour workday is $400/day. For work outside of central Brooklyn there may be an additional charge of $25 for travel time depending on your location and my workload that day.


No job is too small, but some are too big (for one person)! There are times when I will need to employ an assistant in order to do larger, longer or more difficult jobs. The extra charge for my assistant is an additional $25 an hour. I will tell you in advance whether or not I will need an assistant for your project(s).


All materials will be charged at cost. There is no mark-up on materials.


Most jobs I can estimate over the phone or by email, but I am happy to give written estimates upon request.


Payment is due at the completion of the job. For jobs longer than two days, a 50% deposit is required before I begin work and I will give you a written estimate for the project.

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